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Matt Smith has revealed that he shares one of the Doctor’s more endearing traits, he wants to fiddle with things and put his own stamp on them. Not content with merely playing the Time Lord, he wants to literally put words into his mouth, as he told SFX: “I’d quite like to write a script one day, because I’m learning a lot from Steven [Moffat]. You’ve got to be really good to write a Doctor Who script, so it’s a long way off, but one day. I’ve never really shown anyone things I’ve written. And I’ve got to get over that, if I want to be a writer…”

Five dollars says his first script is called “The Doctor and Amy Got Killed to Death, Right, and Then They Woke Up And It Was All a Dream”

• Speaking of which, The BBC has unveiled a new literacy initiative whereby primary school children (that’s 6th grade and under) are invited to write their own Doctor Who scripts too. They’ve provided various online assets to aid teachers, including lesson plans and storyboards, via the BBC Learning website, and are encouraging pupils to submit their scripts as part of a competition. Best of all, Matt Smith (among other Who actors) has filmed some special encouraging videos, designed to help the children focus.

OR to learn how to write scripts himself, one of the two.

• Oh, and while we’re talking about kids, The Daily Mail has some very, very cute pictures of David Tennant struggling to fold up the buggy for his brand new baby girl, Olive. They spend a bit of time making gags about the Doctor’s knack for technology and wishing his car was bigger on the outside than on the inside etc… but really, it’s David Tennant holding a baby. What more do you want?

Doctor Who News is reporting that the lovely Karen Gillan will pay a visit to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday (April 13). Hooray! We wonder if she’ll show off her fancy footwork during CraigyFerg’s famous “Secretariat” dance like her castmate Matt Smith did last November?

• And speaking of the dapper Doctor, Smith dishes on the new season, what makes Doctor so wonderful, and his love for Amy Pond with MTV.

• POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: The Silence and the Astronaut are here. There’s a bunch of other fantastic season 6 photos available too, so purists should probably look away…

• If you’re planning a trip to Cardiff at any time, wouldn’t it be great if someone could take you around all of the locations the production team have used for Doctor Who, Torchwood AND The Sarah Jane Adventures — like the church Donna Noble nearly got married in, or Sarah Jane’s house? Well yes, yes it would.

Well, if you get there between now and October, that’s exactly what you can do. The Doctor Who locations bus tour takes Whovians all over the city, so you can see such delights as the site of Rose Tyler’s first meeting with the Doctor, some original Bad Wolf graffiti, or (according to WalesOnline) “the spot where Captain Jack Harkness died and came back to life.”

• If you find you’re counting down the days, hours and minutes to April 23, you have a friend in Nerdist writer and Doctor Who enthusiast Kyle Anderson. To help pass the time, he’s come up with “7 Things I Hope Happen in Doctor Who Series 6.” Find out if your giddiness is aligned with his.

• Ever wish you could get up close and personal with the TARDIS? Well, now you have a chance to curl up with one. This knitted TARDIS blanket looks pretty comfy!

Neil Gaiman chats with Inner SPACE about his forthcoming episode entitled “The Doctor’s Wife,” and also raves about Smith and the Time Lord’s age.

“I think Matt does something that nobody else has ever done in that his Doctor feels old,” Gaiman explains. “You look at the press that came out when Matt took over the role and people were saying, ‘Well, Matt’s going to be too young’ and ‘He’s the youngest doctor, blah blah blah.’ And actually he plays, I think the first time you’re always aware that this is a 900-year-old Time Lord…”

He added: “In my episode, I got to write scenes in which Matt got to be disturbed and upset and experience that the Doctor doesn’t normally get to experience.”

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