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We certainly won’t be sleeping the night of April 28, but how can Kate Middleton overcome those butterflies and grab a few z’s as she awaits her big day? In her final Brides Checklist, Brides Magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge provides the blushing princess-to-be with seven helpful tips in getting some well-earned rest before the wedding.

Every bride hears a variation of the same five words as she retires to bed for her last snooze as a single woman: Get a good night’s sleep. Nice thought, but how’s a girl supposed to surrender to shut-eye when her mind is analyzing the ramifications of a 60 percent chance of rain and 2 billion witnesses? We’ve got a few suggestions for Kate as she changes into her jammies at the Goring Hotel:

1. Call room service for a melted-cheese sandwich and milk. The combination of tryptophan and calcium will work on your brain, while the nursery-school menu will conjure comforting memories of Mom and home.

2. Give your cell phone to your sister, turn off the telly, unplug your iPad. Pull the blackout curtains tight. Turn on the white-noise machine. Hello, Snoresville.

3. Have a cup of chamomile tea (a natural sedative) with honey (the glucose helps your brain relax, too).

4. Pick up a copy of Moby Dick and try to make it to the end of chapter one. Call me comatose.

5. Go over a long, monotonous list in your head. The periodic tables. The capitals of Europe. The line of succession to the British throne. (Oooh, exciting! Okay, maybe not that one.)

6. Picture the honeymoon: Soft waves lapping on the shore. Big hammock swinging in a warm breeze. Ice cubes tinkling in a tall glass. You and Wills drifting off to sleep….

7. Think of us pitiful Americans, who’ll be setting our alarms for 3 am ET in order to watch you become HRH. And believe us, nobody’s sending their Rolls to get us to the office on time. Nighty-night, Kate.

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By sallykilbridge