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Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace has released a new timeline of events for April 29 as reported by All times are London time. For the most comprehensive schedule, combine with previous timeline.

· 6:00 am: Police road closures begin throughout central London.

· 8:00 am – 9:00 am: Announcement expected of any titles Queen Elizabeth will bestow on William and Kate.

· 9:00 am – 9:45 am: Guests arrive Westminster Abbey and enter through Great North Door.

· 9:50 am: Senior-ranking foreign government officials and governors general arrive and enter the Abbey through the Great West Door. Diplomats arrive and enter through Great North Door.

· 10:25 am: “Junior royals’’ depart Buckingham Palace in minibuses. This group includes Prince Michael of Kent (the Queen’s cousin) and his wife, and Zara Phillips (the Queen’s eldest granddaughter). They enter through the Great West Door.

· 10:30 am: The Queen’s Bodyguards of the Honourable Corps for Gentlemen at Arms (they’re the guys with the white swan feather plumes sticking out of their helmets) and the Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard (they’re the guys who look nearly identical to, but are not, Beefeaters) process up through the Abbey.

· 10:40 am: Senior royals arrive at Great West Door and are welcomed by Westminster Dean and Chapter, the Very Rev. John Hall. Included in this group are the Queen’s children: Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne. They are ushered to their seats.

· 10:42 am: Prince Charles and Camilla arrive Great West Door and wait for arrival of Queen and her husband, Prince Philip.

· 10:45 am: Queen and Prince Philip arrive. Fanfare.

· 10:48 am: Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister and maid of honor, other bridesmaids and page boys depart Goring Hotel in minibuses for Westminster Abbey.

· 11:00 am: Wedding ceremony begins.

· 12:05 pm: Service concludes with signing of register in Shrine of Edward the Confessor.

Buckingham Palace

· 12:15 pm: Royal party gathers outside Abbey as newlyweds get into first carriage. Newlyweds followed by mounted escort. Then Prince Harry, Pippa, bridesmaids and pageboys in two carriages. Next is Charles and Camilla, and finally, the Queen and Prince Philip.

· 12:30 pm: Newlyweds arrive through Buckingham Palace gates. Welsh Guards stationed in front of Buckingham Palace greet them.

· 1:25 pm: Windsor and Middleton families emerge on balcony. Likely order is William and Kate, followed by Queen and Prince Philip, and then remainder of immediate families.

In other royal wedding related news:

• Kate has opted to spend the night before her wedding in a five-room suite at the posh Goring Hotel, The Sun reports. The hotel has been run by the Goring family since it opened in 1910. The Middleton family have allegedly booked the entire hotel for the royal nuptials. Kate’s suite includes a fireplace, a baby grand piano, a four-poster bed, and a huge walk-in shower with an oil painting behind a glass screen. Hotel officials scrambled to finish re-decorating the apartment. Boxes and a ladder are visible in one of The Sun’s photos. The suite even has royal wedding ties. A prototype of the wedding dress Queen Victoria wore when she married Prince Albert in 1840 is displayed on one wall.

• Sometimes royal wedding news invites skepticism. For instance, there was the report William would ride a horse to Westminster Abbey. Security, logistic and protocol concerns make this extremely unlikely. Or this item posted Wednesday (April 13) on, the website of “fashion bible” Women’s Wear Daily: “KATE’S BRIDAL LEGS: The bridal gown is still top secret, but the soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton will be wearing glamorous and sexy bridal legwear by Aristoc, according to a spokesman for parent company Courtaulds, maker of Pretty Polly, Britain’s number-one legwear brand.” Not only did a company know Kate would wear their brand of stockings, they were talking about it. Given the intense secrecy surrounding all aspects of Kate’s wedding day attire, the item raised a few questions. So we contacted Aristoc’s public relations firm and Natalie Bean responded in an email. “This information … is merely a rumor,” Bean wrote. “If there is anything further to report on this subject there will be a press release.” We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that one. Up next: Kate’s mouthwash.

• This one was predictable. Papa John’s Pizza has constructed a pizza portrait of Kate and William, The Sun reports. Kate’s dress (how did they crack the secret?) is made from cheese, her veil is made from mushrooms and William’s “morning suit” is made from salami and peppers. (Can’t win ’em all. William will wear his RAF uniform.) It appears that Kate’s famous hair is rendered in olives, and William and Kate’s faces are constructed from cubes of ham and chicken. The only problem is that this stirring mosaic was crafted before the pizza was baked. One wonders what “Kate” and “William” will look like after several minutes at 450°. Unfortunately, the portrait is not for sale in the U.S. But The Sun does list a UK email address for pre-orders of this priceless treasure.

• In the wake of the ceaseless commercial exploitation of the royal wedding, some light-hearted fun from the budding aristocrats at St. Andrews college comes as a welcome relief. St. Andrews is where Kate and William’s romance started. The Other Guys, an all-male a capella group, have posted a video telling of unrequited love for Kate. A loose parody of Lady Gaga’sBad Romance,” the lyrics include lines such as, “I want your lovin’ just get rid of the prince you and me could write a bad romance.” Referring to the student fashion show where Kate modeled a see-though dress, the lads sing, “Walk, walk, fashion baby, she’s a regal catwalk lady, walk, walk, fashion baby, see-through dresses drive me crazy.” The video shows the sites around St. Andrews and includes a brief parody of the movie Chariots of Fire, which was shot nearby. Dressed in running shorts, the group’s 11 members chase a Kate look-a-like along a beach. BBCNews interviews the video’s director, and here’s the video:

• Much is often of the made of the fact that William, the future king of England, is treated just like any ordinary person. This notion is absurd. The very essence of royal status – that you are descended from a particular familial line – means that you are not ordinary. Yet, the “ordinary person” myth is true once in a while. The Telegraph reports that William had to request a two-week leave from his RAF squadron (granted, of course) for his wedding and honeymoon. William has invited his search-and-rescue unit to the festivities. William was also turned away from a restaurant for – yes – not having a reservation. William tried to eat at the Seacroft restaurant with about 20 of his military pals. Royal or no royal, some rules are inviolate. As one patron told BBCNews, “We’ve got to pre-book, he’s got to pre-book, so it’s only fair.”

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