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Zac Goldsmith

Conservative party politician Zac Goldsmith joins singer Kate Bush in trending today on Twitter in the UK.

Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith is in the news today because Ofcom, formally known as the Office of Communications, Britain’s telecommunications regulator, has just ruled against the Tory MP on a complaint that he filed against Channel 4.

Goldsmith has been fighting against Channel 4 News and its presenter Jon Snow since last July, when the broadcast accused Goldsmith of breaking campaign spending rules. Goldsmith claimed that he was not given a fair chance to rebut the charges, and that Channel 4 had falsely given the impression that he had refused to comment.

Okay, so this may sound like just a news media or political story, right? Well, Goldsmith, the son of financier Sir James Goldsmith, did appear on Snow’s program in July, and the sparring match definitely qualifies as entertainment:

During the program, Snow suggested that Goldsmith file a complaint with Ofcom, which is what Goldsmith did. Today Ofcom rejected his complaint, ruling that Channel 4 had given Goldsmith “an appropriate and timely opportunity to respond to the allegations.”

Goldsmith responded today that Ofcom “entirely missed the point” of his complaint and said he was “puzzled by its workings.”

Snow tweeted his response:

jonsnowC4: OFCOM Find against Zac Goldsmith on every single count of his complaint against myself and C4 news. Is an apology in the post from the MP?

Reaction was overwhelmingly negative towards Goldsmith:

aidanskinner:‎ @jonsnowC4 I trust Zac Goldsmith will be storming onto your program to offer it in person

jade_gecko: Ahhhhhh…. poor Zac Goldsmith. Turns out ofcom won’t shout at news channels when the interviewee digs their own hole.

kerryabel‎: Zac Goldsmith is the king of just can’t let it go

andrewprudames‎: Poor Zac Goldsmith. Turns out inherited wealth can’t teflon coat you against a s***storm. Still. Interview was bloody funny at the time!

paulkerton‎: Zac Goldsmith didn’t beat Channel 4, so in his statement he basically threatens ofcom’s existence. What a classy wanker.

Kate Bush

Singer-songwriter Kate Bush is trending today because she’s just released a new video of a reworked version of her song, “Deeper Understanding.”

Deeper Understanding,” which also trended today, is part of her new album, Director’s Cut, which will include new versions of many of her songs from the late eighties and early nineties. The album will be released on May 16, but Bush revealed the complete track list today, which includes reworked songs from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes.

darrenhayes: If Kate Bush didn’t shock my senses and challenge me on a first listen, then I’d be disappointed.

danabolton‎: Just heard the first airing of Kate Bush new single Wow!!! New version of Deeper Understanding so weird so wonderful I have always loved her

oddlyfamiliar‎: My sister just walked into the kitchen to find the dog looking really sad & listening to Kate Bush-esque music. KATE BUSH DEPRESSED MY DOG!

SeanMcGovernX‎: I think #katebush made have made a bit of an error with this version of Deeper Understanding. Different, perhaps not in a good way.

robertflorence‎: The vocaloid effect is just – those lyrics, and that voice just losing its human feel every so often. Brutal. Amazing.

tomwfreeman‎: seriously, what is this obsession with sounding like a robot? I thought Kate Bush had more soul than that. She used to, anyway.


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By Paul Hechinger