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Simon Cowell

With the 10th season of American Idol currently underway, is it weird not seeing a scowling Simon Cowell offering his sharp-tongued opinions? He certainly doesn’t think so, and the 51-year-old British music mogul discusses that (and much more) in an upcoming interview for Piers Morgan Tonight.

“I personally think it is a better show than last year,” Cowell says. “It feels to me they’ve got their energy back, they’re confident, they’re competitive.”

On Monday (March 14), a pre-taped chat between he and Piers Morgan will air at 9 pm ET. Here’s hoping Cowell reveals some juicier details pertaining to the American version of his UK talent show, X Factor. He apparently has some harsh words for Sir Elton John and the award-winning singer’s criticism for reality talent shows. And is it just me or is Cowell rockin’ some subtle eyeliner? Here’s a sneak peek:

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By MacKenzie Wilson