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Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner has been trending all day on Twitter in the UK, after the announcement that the American actress is going to play Agatha Christie‘s Miss Marple in a Disney movie.

Calling the choice a “travesty,” Laura Barnett of the Telegraph’s Film Blog said that replacing the character of the elderly British spinster with a 38-year-old American hottie is “one of the most bizarre casting decisions in recent memory.”

“I have nothing against films that put a new spin on an old favorite,” Barnett writes. “But take away Miss Marple’s trademark grey curls, her penchant for tweed, and the delicious implausibility of a woman of her age and station solving crimes in the first place, and what are you left with? Well, you might have a perfectly interesting character, ably and charmingly played by Garner. But she certainly won’t be Miss Marple.”

“This time Disney has gone too far,” Barnett concludes. “Miss Marple is Margaret Rutherford. She’s Angela Lansbury. She’s Geraldine McEwen and Julia McKenzie. But she’s most certainly not Jennifer Garner.”

Most tweeters in the UK agreed and were quick to pronounce Garner guilty of being ridiculous.

Margaret Rutherford
Jennifer Garner

Heaven_ali‎: Jennifer Garner (38) to play Miss Marple in a Hollywood film *shudder* sounds absolutely awful – no decent Christie fan will bother watching.

tiboribi‎: Things which should not have a youthful spin: Miss Marple. Jennifer Garner is not Miss Marple.

popcultini‎: Jennifer Garner to play the role of Miss Marple. Presumably, Miley Cyrus was not available.

cdundas‎: So, Jennifer Garner is the latest Miss Marple. I look forward to Ashton Kutcher‘s King Lear.

lindasgrant‎: Jennifer Garner has been cast by Hollywood as Miss Marple. She’s 38. Julia Roberts too old?

pez_sez‎: I like Miss Marple and I like Jennifer Garner, but in the same way that I like cheesecake and gravy – separately. No thanks, Disney

DouglasTLindsay‎: Jennifer Garner will gather all the suspects together at the end, and they’ll just be looking at her thinking, ‘Have you had work done?’

fhmdotcom‎:Jennifer Garner lands Miss Marple role: Up until this morning, we never cared much for Agatha Christie character…


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By Paul Hechinger