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Kay Burley

Sky News television journalist Kay Burley has been trending on Twitter in the UK today.

No, it’s not because she said on air: “If you’re just joining us, the entire eastern seaboard of the United States has been decimated by a terrorist attack.” She said that on September 11.

And no, she’s not a contestant again on ITV’s Dancing on Ice show. She did that in 2007.

It’s not even because she asked a serial killer’s wife: “Do you think if you’d had a better sex life he wouldn’t have done this?” She did that in 2008.

No, Kay Burley is trending on Twitter today because the Guardian’s Media Monkey blog printed some brief excerpts of her steamy first novel, First Ladies, about politics, the media and sex, though probably not in that order. The book features a “suave” Prime Minister named Julian Jenson, a powerful celebrity magazine editor, and a sexy TV reporter.

The Telegraph reported last year that lawyers at HarperCollins, Burley’s publisher, advised her to make significant changes to avoid lawsuits from the real people that her characters were based on.

The first snippet: “At that exact moment Julian was expertly using his silver tongue to offer intense gratification to Sally as he held on firmly to her taut, tanned thighs, tightly gripped around his handsome face.”

And the second excerpt, as cited by Media Monkey: “Lithe and muscular, he effortlessly lifted her from the bed and onto his broad shoulders. Sally felt all the excitement and exhilaration of a fairground ride as he continued to offer intense pleasure before she was finally sated and he lowered her gently back onto the round bed. Julian flopped contentedly beside her and turned on Sky News.”

Media Monkey quickly admitted: “OK, so we made the last four words up.”

JohnWilson14‎: He lifted her onto his shoulders” to ‘sate’ her? Kay Burley of Sky News, you spoil us

SuperStretch30‎: This is the one time I’ll be glad of kay burley not bothering to do any research #abouttothrowup

whoruleswhere‎: Oh no. Oh no no no. Kay Burley, Kay Burley, has written a novel: In it she sleeps with David Cameron, basically

doctorcdf: Do Kay Burley’s characters cry out in ecstasy, “Oh make a Coalition with me?” #justsayin

KrizleyWheatnik‎: Kay Burley has written a novel, w/ rather cringeworthy intimate descriptions. Hope there’s a kindle edition!


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By Paul Hechinger