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James Murray published the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Lots of three-letter words are setting people all atwitter in the UK today.

The Oxford English Dictionary, along with its own three-letter abbreviation, OED, has been trending since the announcement that the dictionary’s editors have added terms such as OMG, LOL and FYI to the compendium’s latest online update.

While tweets have tended to focus on the abbreviations, some observers in the press have focused on the inclusion of the symbol ♥ — as in “I ‘heart’ NY ” — as the most significant new addition.

“Researchers,” writes the Telegraph,  “believe the use of the heart symbol in this way is the first time a typographical innovation developed through such bumper stickers and tee-shirts has entered mainstream language use.”

So, does Britain ♥ the OED’s new decisions?

irisDUDE:‎ So if the Oxford English Dictionary says LOL is now a word. I can use it in my English exams and not get told off. Sweet

LaurenKaz:‎ Somewhere in heaven Shakespeare weeps as the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY adds FYI LOL &OMG.

TheDiaryOfJay:‎ As an English student, I must interject. There’s nothing wrong with LOL being added to the OED. It’s become a part of language.

davidschneider: I hate abbreviations. I never use them and am appalled that LOL, OMG and FYI have made it into the OED.

– And here’s an exchange we ♥:

glittrgirl‎: You know, thinking about how many words he introduced, I think Shakespeare would be pleased at the recent inclusions in the OED

MediocreDave‎: @glittrgirl Given how many words he introduced he’d probably be a bit bemused at a book coding what words are and aren’t official. 🙂

glittrgirl‎: @MediocreDave nothing “official” about OED. Merely catalogues popular usage. Other people ‘officialise’ it.

MediocreDave:‎ @glittrgirl Well, that’s true. I wonder what Shakespeare WOULD make of it. Standardised spelling might come as a shock

glittrgirl:‎ @MediocreDave he wouldn’t care. He’d make up more new words. On an 11 inch macbookair.

MediocreDave:♥‎ @glittrgirl His Twitter feed would be something to behold







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By Paul Hechinger