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Richard Littlejohn

Rage is what’s trending today in the UK, and its being directed against right-wing columnist Richard Littlejohn. His column in today’s Daily Mail is titled: “Why my wife’s PoW grandad wouldn’t mark a minute’s silence for the Japanese.”

Littlejohn writes: “Anyone who has visited or worked in Japan will tell you it is like landing on another planet.” Japanese culture, he adds, “is entirely alien to our own values. They are militantly racist and in the past have been capable of great cruelty.”

In addition to his wife’s grandfather, Littlejohn says there are “thousands of other British servicemen who were tortured in Japanese prisoner of war camps.” They, and other British veterans, he says, “still harbor deep animosity to everyone and all things Japanese, 65 years after VJ Day.”

“They won’t want to be associated with the expressions of sympathy over the earthquake and tsunami,” Littlejohn writes. “And who can blame them?” He then lambasts what he calls “modern Britain’s ghastly cult of sentimentality and vicarious grief.”

“But how many of the hundreds of thousands of supporters corralled into grieving for Japan,” he asks, “could even point to that country on a map?”

Littlejohn’s column, predictably, aroused a tsunami of anger.

Dan_Grose: Congratulations to Richard Littlejohn and The Daily Mail for reaching new levels of callous gutter press many thought impossible.

TonyParsonsUK: The reason Richard Littlejohn doesn’t tweet is because he prefers old school communication – like burning a cross in somebody’s front garden

Ross_Lawson: Littlejohn: Japan has “distinct culture entirely alien to our own values. They are militantly racist.” So, not entirely alien then, Richard?

themanwhofell: Rather than getting outraged by Richard Littlejohn, I ignore his columns, realising that they are not written for me, but for idiots.

BathAlex: Richard Littlejohn DOES NOT represent British popular opinion. It is always important to make this clear, but today particularly imperative

Neiljirving24: Richard Littlejohn is trending, I had a look at what he said. While I don’t agree with all he said, he was not being racist.

AndrewBeckett: Don’t care for Richard Littlejohn, but love the absolute rage he brings out in the left. Remember lefties, all publicity is good publicity

LiamMcKee: You couldn’t make it up – oh yes you could. LFF | How to write a Littlejohn Column.

Jade Goody

Jade Goody

Britons are also tweeting their remembrances of reality TV personality Jade Goody, who died two years ago today of cervical cancer. She rose to fame on Channel 4’s Big Brother and was let go in 2007 from Celebrity Big Brother after she was accused of racist behavior towards one of the show’s other stars. Goody later said she was “embarrassed and disgusted by my own behavior.”

kimberleybamlin: Sky News – The Legacy Of Jade Goody, Two Years On.

Computergirl200: 2 years ago Jade Goody sadly died of cervical cancer aged 27. Don’t forget to get checked and remind others. RIP x

MelissaPJA‎: Can’t believe it’s been two years since #JadeGoody died, a true inspiration!

ShenkMJsmeeze:‎ Funny how everyone hated on Jade Goody when she was alive. As soon as she dies she’s an angel. Pretty sure she was racist on national tv

djwanker:‎ Jade Goody’s death 2 years ago was very sad. However, she was no Mother Theresa. People want to remember her as some angel. She wasn’t


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By Paul Hechinger