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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

You’d think that the allied military assault on Libya might cause a significant ripple in the Twittersphere.

You would be wrong.

Perhaps it’s because there are more than a hundred variant transliterations of Muammar el-Qaddafi‘s name?

Whatever the reason, Libya-related topics haven’t been trending much in the UK, or the U.S, even though both are members of the allied coalition. One brief exception in Great Britain has been Putin — referring of course to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who said the UN resolution authorizing the air strikes on Libya resembles “medieval calls for crusades.”

Britons’ tweets about Putin’s remarks, however, tend to show more of an interest in Russian politics than in the Libyan conflict.

@HestonCDA:‎ Putin rages against the “crusading” West

@anengiyefa: Putin and Medvedev’s comments over #Libya are the most public sign so far of split in #Russia political leadership

@Stifanovich:‎ Medvedev should take this opportunity to sack PM Putin & get rid of his rival for the 2012 Presidency – Putin’s comments are “unacceptable”

@thejohnelliott: putin and the arab league say they dont agree with the UN over Libya, until he’s out and then they will. hedge+bets springs to mind

@DodgeyDog:‎ Vladimir Putin says UN resolution on Libya resembles medieval calls for crusades – so what about Grozny?

@thermalsocks:‎ I can’t criticize Putin on twitter, I am allegic to Polonium 210, brings me out in a rash.

Stuart Holden

In a tweet, soccer star Stuart Holden announced today that he’s accepted an apology from Manchester United’s Jonny Evans.

Over the weekend, Holden, an American midfielder for the Bolton Wanderers, suffered a severe knee injury from a heavy tackle by Evans, who was given a “red card,” meaning that he was disqualified from the rest of the game without replacement. Holden’s injury is expected to keep him out of play for six months.

@stuholden: Just had a sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me the best in my recovery, def wasn’t intentional, just unfortunate part of the game

@CharlieDavies9: Everyone send their best wishes to Stuart Holden @stuholden who will be out for 6 months due to a knee injury from a horrific tackle.

@JulianPatterson:‎ Speedy recovery to Stuart Holden. I hope to see you on the pitch in six months or less, Sir.

@MattKenny_LFC: Nice to see that Stuart Holden is a man, unlike Nani. Accepted an apology and is getting on with things. No moaning, no insults.


Tweeters on both sides of the Atlantic have been having fun today coming up with the names of #churchrealityshows, that is, new TV reality programs that are somehow connected to religion. Here are some of the British entries:

@jacquie0007‎:  How Clean is Your Church?

@SmallAay‎ I’m an Atheist Get Me Out of Here – The Vatican’s Got Talent – Everybody Hates Lucifer – Pimp My Altar

@DToTheEZ: Fear of Eternal Damnation Factor

@balbark‎: Nun Fly With Me

@mattams‎ Extreme Makeover: The Church Edition

@Shammoz‎: My Big Fat Christian Wedding

@McNutson‎: Britain’s Best Bishop

@WillshawDrivel: Queer Eye for the Big Guy?

@garybak‎: Sh*t my priest says


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By Paul Hechinger