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We thought we could ignore Rebecca Black, the current viral Internet sensation. Foolish. Neither distance nor oceans can prevent a teenage California girl from reaching the number one spot in UK Twitter trends, which is where Rebecca was today. After all, it’s Friday…

Rebecca Black

As of today, more than 16 million people around the world have seen and heard “Friday,” the song that thirteen-year-old Rebecca Black posted on YouTube.

Among its lyrics: “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, today it is Friday, Friday.” “Gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta get my bus, I see my friends.”  “We we we so excited, we so excited.”

With great popularity comes great reprehensibility, and in this case, millions of people are calling “Friday” the “worst song ever” and attacking its young singer.

And tweeters from the UK are no exception, as Dan Whitworth from BBC’s Radio One pointed out:

@radio1danw: BBC news article on Rebecca Black ‘s friday. “worst song ever” goes viral…

@lanttans:‎ I forgot what day it was today…. then I listened to Rebecca Black’s song and I remembered.

@jacobw91:‎ Rebecca Black has single-handedly ruined Fridays for me.

@BieberPeaches:‎ I’m not sure whether to think ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black is the worst song ever created.. or the best joke I’ve ever heard…

@DeppInMyPants:‎ Did Rebecca Black actually think that NO ONE would make fun of her video…

@tokenminds‎: I find it hard to believe that Rebecca Black has trended for longer than Japan.

@jessthristan:‎ So, uh.. Here’s my cover of Friday by Rebecca Black – LOL

– Of course, Black did have a few defenders:

@rebeccawoodhead‎: Leave Rebecca Black alone. Aside from taking my name in vain, she’s done nothing wrong but be 13.

@Beckyhawkinsss:‎ i think rebecca black is a good singer, there is no need for all the hate tbh

– And someone who looked at it all from a broader cultural perspective:

@Bossredcafe:‎ and don’t try tell me Rebecca Black isn’t the voice of a generation, you know she is


And finally an update on the bold attempt by Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave to host the longest continuous music radio program ever. They made it – they were on the air for 52 hours.

@BBCRadio1PR: Congratulations @ chrisdjmoyles @ davidvitty Now the official World Record Holders for ‘Radio DJ Endurance Marathon (Team)’!

@ahj: The final total donated to Comic Relief from Radio 1 listeners for themarathon show was £2,622,421 incredible! Thank you!


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By Paul Hechinger