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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Today’s Twitter Trends is an all-Irish edition.


One prominent Irishman wasn’t celebrating the holiday in his country today: Ireland’s new Prime Minister Enda Kenny was in Washington, DC, meeting with President Obama, who recognized St. Patrick’s day with the announcement that he’ll visit Ireland in May.

The President said he’d go to “all the famous places” but made a point of saying that he’d visit the small Irish village of Moneygall, “where my great, great, great, great, great grandfather hails from.”  He added: “Joe Biden is envious, because he wants to go first.”

@poloconghaile: Ireland set to host President Obama and Queen Elizabeth in the same month? Better dust down ye olde red carpet.

@megansmolenyak: Glad to hear #Obama is going to Moneygall, but Fulmoth Kearney was his 3rd great-grandfather, not 5th!

@danielletierney: To any Americans out there, it’s St. Paddy’s Day. not Patty’s!

@ShaneCulleton:‎ If you haven’t seen a #StPatricksDay parade in Portlaoise then you haven’t lived. Well, obviously you have. And probably quite happily.

@Discombobulater:‎ As a paddie I feel it is my duty to be blotto quicko 🙂 #stpatricksday #Brokenliver

@TrishGroves:‎ 10 Reasons To Love #stpatricksday: No 4 – He chased all the snakes out of Ireland. Really! No snakes here. Only in pet shops.

@TrishGroves‎: 10 Reasons To Love St Patricks Day: No 3: We get our own trending hashtag #stpatricksday

@moderngirlLmc:‎ Lots of reasons to celebrate #StPatricksDay but soda bread is not one of them. Blah.

@davidoreilly: Get it straight America, we don’t drink green beer, traditionally we eat ice cream made from the tears of a priest.

@LockhartGavin:‎ RT I showed my appreciation of my native land in the usual Irish way by getting out of it as soon as I possibly could GB Shaw

@CardinalBrady: Gave out green communion wafer at mass this morning. Knew I should have checked that use by date.


Trending again is the attempt by Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave to make radio broadcasting history. They’ve already broken one important record, and they’re now going for the big one: hosting the longest continuous music radio program ever. As of publication of this post, they’re up to 38+ hours. You can listen in and see their progress here.

Some Irish listeners have been taking a little time from St. Patrick’s festivities to listen in:

@RyanJL:‎ Chris Moyles, Comedy Dave just broke the 37 hour Radio 1 record with Simon Mayo in the studio! Total raised now at £1009033

@ItsKellieanne:‎ Dave sounds so tired.. #R1MoreMoyles

@hptwinerd:‎ #r1moremoyles Loving the show! good luck for record



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By Paul Hechinger