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Given the deluge of royal memorabilia, it’s surprising it didn’t happen sooner. The Telegraph has uncovered a true collector’s item: a mug celebrating the wedding with a smiling Kate Middleton on the right and staring lovingly at her from the left is… Prince Harry, William’s younger brother. The inscription on the back reads, “The fairytale romantic union of all the centuries. 29th April 2011.” The mug was allegedly designed by a Chinese firm, Guandong Enterprises, and sells for $16.10. But The Telegraph is skeptical that the mug is as much an innocent mistake as it appears. They note that Guandong Enterprises is also registered in the UK, which “may lead some to suspect it is all an elaborate spoof.”

In other royal-related news:

• One way to allegedly measure the depth of a couple’s relationship and their compatibility is the extent to which the body language of one “mirrors” the other. The Sun asked “body language expert” Judi James to analyze to some recent photos of Kate and William. Predictably, she finds that Kate and William have an “industrial strength” relationship. She waxes rhapsodic about a picture of William and Kate waving to the crowd during their February 25 visit to the University of St. Andrews. “Raising the hand so high and exposing her armpit, as Kate does here, is not usual practice for the Windsor women. It shows that she is boisterous and fun,” James says. “And she is breaking an unspoken rule. Involving the shoulder in a wave has always been the preserve of the men, but Kate and William see themselves very much as equals.”

• This week’s submission for fantasy wedding cakes comes courtesy of the Globe and Mail.  Although the designs submitted by the seven bakers each have their virtues, the piece offers a handy description of the cake served at the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. The behemoth was five-feet-tall, weighed 250 lbs., and was a “rich, dark fruitcake laced with rum.” Crafted by the Royal Navy School of Cookery, the cake was covered in marzipan and decorated with the insignia of Charles’s regiments, Buckingham Palace and Highgrove House, the couple’s home.

Of the designs submitted to the Globe and Mail, perhaps the most interesting is the one submitted by Alyson Fuller. The eight-layer cake begins with a crème brûlée cheesecake and includes a replica of Kate’s engagement ring (“a nod to Princess Diana”), peacock feathers (“reflective of royal women’s hats”), a Union Jack, and finishes with a double mocha King’s crown.

• Speaking of fantasies, The Guardian examines what sort of real estate the newlyweds could afford if their only income was William’s $60,000 Royal Air Force salary. Eligible for a $230,000 mortgage, the couple could buy a modest $241,500 home near William’s air base in Wales, or a third-floor $115,000 studio in London, or a dreary $225,000 three-bedroom near the University of St. Andrews, where Kate and William went to school. Instead, Kate will have to make due with a 4,000 sq. ft. farmhouse with interior design by Beverly Hills decorator Kenneth Bordewick.

• When it comes to street parties celebrating the royal nuptials, Wales is leading the way, BBC News reports. More than 100 street parties are forecast for the region, with the 30 in Cardiff alone — the most in any area outside London. Streets Alive, a group which promotes streets parties, predicts there may be more than 1,0oo street parties in Wales, but many will be thrown together at the last minute. “We think there will be a lot more street parties than has been requested by road closures,” said Director Chris Gittins. “This is the first year when a royal street party is not in the summer, so they would have to be planned in mid winter and it’s hard to do that, mentally, when the community is in sleep mode.”

• As previously reported, wagers are being taken on every aspect of the wedding, from the color of the Queen’s hat to the length of the Harry’s toast. says bookmakers have now set odds on when Kate will deliver her first child. For those interested, the odds are: 2012, 5/4; 2013, 6/4; 2014, 5/1; 2015, 6/1; 2016 or later, 9/25. The odds are even on whether the offspring will be male or female.

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