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The world is still abuzz with the debut of the official Kate and William website. According to The Press Association, the site will break the news about Kate‘s wedding dress and other details on the big day, April 29. The site is contemplating streaming video of the wedding. The Web is littered with the bodies of those who have promised that a site they host can handle traffic surges. Google hosts Kate and William‘s site and is making the same pledge. “Google can cope with the heavy load,” a spokesperson told

In other royal-related news:

– Everyone knows Kate will have to master royal protocol. The Daily Mail offers some insight into what’s involved. They interview etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith, who says, “I’ve trained all Prince William’s girlfriends. Apart from Middleton.” Smith offers lessons on how to sit, stand, walk, shake hands and eat like a royal.

– As previously reported, Canada Post is issuing a special stamp to honor the royal nuptials. Now the Royal Canadian Mint has announced that it will strike a series of collector coins commemorating the marriage, The Star reports. The coins will have an “eye-catching technological feature” and are set for a May release.

– The creativity of those paying tribute to the royal newlyweds continues to astonish. Today’s installment is a mosaic of Kate and William made from more than 3,000 postage stamps. Each of the stamps is cancelled, and every one bears the image of Queen Elizabeth, William’s grandmother. The 3-foot by 4-foot construction is set to go on display in an art gallery near Highgrove, Prince Charles‘s private estate, the Express and Star reports.

– Giving Kate and William a bed as a wedding gift might seem a tad tacky to some. But not when manufacturing mattresses is your business, and not when your beds have been requested by three generations of the royal family. Glencraft is a social enterprise in Scotland, and 70 percent of its employees are disabled. Monsters and reports that Glencraft will present the royal newlyweds with a mattress to be used at Balmoral, the Scottish home of the royal family. For civilians, a top-of-the-line Glencraft mattress will set you back £1,323 ($2,150).

– Beware e-mails bearing rings. reports that spammers are sending e-mails giving users the chance to own one of the few “Royal Heirloom Rings,” duplicates of the engagement ring worn by both Princess Diana, William’s mother, and Kate. Security experts warn such scams are likely to increase as the royal wedding date draws near.

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