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The website of The Royal Parks has posted an interactive map of the wedding route to and from Westminster Abbey. The route Prince William and Kate will travel takes in many of London’s most famous sites such as Buckingham Palace, The Mall, the Horse Guards Parade grounds, Downing Street, St. James’s Park, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

In other royal-related news:

– Although some UK pubs may remain open until 1 am on April 29th, bars in Canada are taking the opposite approach. With coverage set to begin at 5 am Eastern Time, bars in Toronto will seek permission to open as early as 9:30 am, reports. Dana Kerbel, owner of one of Toronto’s Gull & Firkin franchises, says, “It’s kind of fun to be able to have a drink before 11 o’clock, and maybe we’ll have some crumpets on special.”

– With less than 50 days to go before the big day, it’s crunch time for the platoon of royal wedding planners, the Associated Press reports. Delicate matters of protocol have to be settled, such as the precise seating of reigning and former monarchs and heads of state. Hugo Vickers, a royal historian, provided some insight into the level of detail in the planning. He recalls a car at Ronald Reagan‘s funeral making an audible beep-beep as it backed up. “That wouldn’t happen here,” Vickers said.

Then there’s “Stopwatch Johnnie.” Sir John Johnston had the responsibility of making sure everything ran on time — to the second — at Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding. According to Vickers, Johnston whispered to Diana to wait for a moment outside St. Paul’s Cathedral so there would be a gap in the procession. “You’ve been telling me that for four months,” Diana reportedly told him. “But what you haven’t told me is how I look.” “You look wonderful,” he is said to have replied. “Off!” With that, she floated down the aisle.

– One place where the royal wedding is not generating much excitement is the Channel Islands, a quasi-independent British archipelago off the coast of Normandy. Neither of the larger islands, Guersney or Jersey, are holding any official events, reports “Apathy over the wedding seems to be the order of the day in some cases although an extra day off is largely welcomed,” the website reports. “Perhaps the Channel Islands will only really get excited about Wills and Kate the first time they arrive on an official visit.”

– Even being 12th in line to the throne carries some clout. Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, is marrying Mike Tyndall in Scotland on July 30th. The church they were planning to use, Cannongate Kirk, had already been booked by another couple, BBC News reports. After one phone call from the minister, the other couple decided to move their wedding to another venue. “There was no money, cash incentive or anything like that. Out of goodwill, we were just happy to move for them,” said Cherith Harrison, the other bride. Palace sources told the BBC this request was not made at their prompting.

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