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In what is no doubt an embarrassment for the English tea industry, a German tea purveyor is now selling “KaTEA” bags featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Associated Press reports. The bags feature the faces and torsos of the royal couple, and their outstretched arms hang over the rim of the cup to hold the teabag in place. Even worse, from an English perspective, the bags are filled with German-grown black tea. A greeting card with the two teabags depicting the couple costs $6.80.

In other royal-related news:

– Royal chauffeurs are receiving extra training in advance of the wedding, according to The Daily Mail. Last December, a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, was surrounded by students protesting tuition hikes. Neither royal was injured and the incident was over quickly. Palace officials do not want to repeat the episode. Executing rapid U-turns and other evasive maneuvers are a key part of the training. “Doing anything like that in a three-ton Rolls-Royce is rather different from your average saloon car,” said one expert.

– Want to boost tourism to a spot not on many itineraries? Have Kate and William stop by for a visit. The couple’s visit to Treaddur Bay on the island of Anglesey in Wales to name a new lifeboat has had a lasting impact, BBC News reports. Anglesey, it should be noted, is where the couple will make their home after the wedding. The island is where William’s RAF unit is based. “Foreign visitors are more likely to think, ‘let’s include it on the tour,'” said Phil Nelson, owner of Surf-lines, an outdoor activities operator.

– Can’t get enough photos of Kate?  Then visit The British fashion site boasts 71 photos of the royal fiancée, one of them dating back to the early ’00s. Kate’s look hasn’t changed much in the last few years.

– Last year the Royal Mint was harshly criticized for its depiction of Kate and William on its commemorative engagement coin. They are not likely to fare any better this year for their coin celebrating Kate and William’s marriage. “Miss Middleton appears to be baring her teeth, while Prince William is looking on with an expression of wide-eyed surprise,” writes The Telegraph. “[T]he Royal Mint’s attempt to depict Prince William and Kate Middleton on a £5 royal wedding coin is not altogether a success,” The Daily Mail commented. The coin is available from the Royal Mint in prices ranging from £9.99 ($16.28) for cupro-nickel alloy to £5,450 ($8,880) for platinum.

– At least children’s book author Adam Hargreaves wasn’t trying to create a character who looked like Kate. Hargreaves is the author of the popular Mr. Men and Little Miss books for young readers. This month Hargreaves will introduce a new character, Little Miss Princess, BBC News reports. Little Miss Princess is “kind-hearted” and “lives in a castle with turrets and a moat.” The second Little Miss Princess book, Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Wedding, will appear in April.

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