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Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe
One accusation you could never level at Daniel Radcliffe is that he’s been resting on his Harry Potter laurels, and only taking nice, safe magical boy-wizard-type roles. Having already stripped naked on stage for a production of the play Equus a couple of years back, he’s now embarking on another potentially humiliating role, that of someone who can dance.

Daniel has signed up to appear on the Broadway stage in a production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and it’s a role which comes with a certain amount of dancing attached. The only trouble is, he’s got two left feet.

He told USA Today that any progress he has made has been as a result of extremely hard work: “I have absolutely no aptitude for it. It was a matter of putting in the time so I could develop the confidence.”

“My dance teacher keeps telling me, ‘If you’re smiling, your feet could be doing pretty much anything and no one will care.’ But if you have that rigor mortis look of concentration, it doesn’t work.”

You’re expecting us to make some kind of spell joke here, aren’t you? Like how Daniel should use the “ec-smiley-armus” charm or “wingardium ballet-osa”? Well, we’re not going to. So there.

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By Fraser McAlpine