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Where will the Beckhams sit at the royal reception? Inquiring minds...

Here comes the political part of a royal wedding: where to seat the many VIPs who’ll be attending the reception. How will Prince William and Kate Middleton avoid bruising precious egos? In this week’s Brides Checklist, Brides Magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge has some suggestions.

Time for Kate and Will to tackle the most dreaded task of almost any wedding: the seating plan. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that figuring out who sits where at the reception will be one royal headache.

First, wrangling the 600 mucky-mucks who’ll be attending the wedding “breakfast.” The bridal couple and their retinue will need to establish a plan wherein each of the VIPs will feel like the most important person in the room. But with players like British prime minister David Cameron, the King of Jordan, and the Beckhams all assuming they’ll be given power seats, Kate and Will have one dilly of a logistical problem on their hands. It might be best for them to create theme tables — one for pop stars and athletes, another for heads of state, and something suitably low-lit for the Windsors’ royal relatives. Or they could just toss the whole project to the Queen, who’s no doubt been down this road before.

The evening after-party should be a much simpler project — a few hundred BFFs from boarding school and university, along with the bridal couple’s immediate families, won’t require as much juggling. And given the 1980s-disco theme that’s reportedly in the works, we don’t anticipate that much table time, anyway. After all, who wants to linger over their cottage pie when Culture Club is blasting through the palace?

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