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At last, Piers Morgan‘s long-awaited interview with the cast of the Oscar-nominated period film, The King’s Speech, finally aired on CNN on Thursday (February 17).

As previously reported, Colin Firth and his King’s Speech co-stars Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush sat down with Morgan to discuss the success of the Tom Hooper-directed drama, their individual roles and more.

Long before she’d portray the esteemed former Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Bonham Carter revealed that she met the Queen Mother when she was just 18. Here, she chats about that experience and her character via satellite from London.

Firth may be a rising superstar in the U.S., but he’s very much a family man who adores his wife, Livia Giuggioli. Below, he elaborates on how they keep their romance alive.

And when it comes to doing love scenes, Firth has been very fortunate to play opposite a host of fantastic female stars, including Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep and, of course, Bonham Carter. “I like the idea of them,” said Firth. But “it’s a very odd experience to say the least.”

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By MacKenzie Wilson