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When we think of Russell Brand, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly of the warm and fuzzy sort. But this spring, the British funnyman tames his signature raunchy ways to voice a teenage bunny named E.B. in Hop.

E.B. isn’t your typical cuddly creatures who delivers jellybeans and peeps, either. He has big rock’n’roll dreams of becoming a successful drummer, but his dad (Hugh Laurie), THE Easter bunny, wants him to take over the family’s chocolate factory. To avoid this, E.B. escapes to Hollywood and ends up meeting Fred (James Marsden). All kinds hilarious monkey business ensues when Fred is forced to look after his new furry friend.

Kaley Cuoco, WeedsElizabeth Perkins, and David Cameron‘s “buddy” David Hasselhoff also star. Hop opens nationwide on April 1. (Thanks to Cinema Blend for sharing the trailer)

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By MacKenzie Wilson