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Amy Lee-Radigan, nerdy girl needing some love

Amy Lee-Radigan, singer/songwriter and self-described “nerdy girl,” is seeking some geek affection. In the video for her song, “Nerdy Girls Need Love Too” (via Buzzfeed), she straps on her acoustic guitar and compares her ideal suitor to numerous comic book and sci-fi figures. But it seems her heart most belongs to The Doctor, the hero from the long-running series Doctor Who. The chorus goes as follows:

Like a Dalek you exterminate all of my defenses
If I was a Time Lord, both my hearts would beat for you
And while I love your personality and value your intelligence
What I really want right now is a sonic screw…


Ha. It’s what Joni Mitchell would have written if she’d had a torrid affair with Tom Baker instead of Jackson Browne.

Come on fellas: who’s gonna be the David Tennant to this poor girl’s Billie Piper?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.