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What’s trending on Twitter in the UK today? Project Merlin could spell the end of the UK financial crisis and Richard Bacon interviews Peter Sissons about his now-infamous memoirs.

Chancellor George Osborne

Project Merlin

Today, Chancellor George Osborne announced the implementation of Project Merlin, a deal between the government and four major banks (Barclays, Lloyds Group, RBS, and HSBC) that is intended to increase the funds available for lending to businesses, especially smaller ones. The banks will make nearly $322 billion (£200 billion) available for lending, with an additional $1.9 billion (£1.2 billion) going to helping the regional economy and the Big Society Bank project. The hope is that increased lending will help the country bounce back from the financial crisis. However, many are criticizing the deal, saying that small businesses might still face difficulties paying back the commercial rates on the loans.

tobyblume: £200m to #bigsociety bank is in addition to dormant accounts – but on a commercial basis. so they’ll make a profit. hardly a grant gesture

unitetheunion: Project Merlin lacks any magic – Unite reaction to banking statement

JonSHarvey: Project Merlin? More like a fumble behind the castle between Lancelot and Guinevere…

Richard Bacon, Peter Sissons

Richard Bacon

BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon interviewed former BBC presenter and journalist Peter Sissons earlier today. Sissons recently published a memoir, When One Door Closes, which criticized the BBC for having what he calls an extremely left-wing mindset. With this famous and controversial guest, it’s no wonder that many in England tuned in to listen to the interview.

jennyb14: Loved the Richard Bacon interview with Peter Sissons today!

bbcreative_eu: Loving Richard Bacon today. Peter Sissons interview was superb and the moan-in is a wonderful highlight on a grey Wednesday afternoon.

zyadcock: Ah, so many people think Richard Bacon is terrible. Why do 5Live persist with him?

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