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What’s trending on Twitter in the UK today? Joe Jordan and Gennaro Gattuso get in a fight on the field while teenager Raheem Sterling has the chance to make football history!

Joe Jordan and Gennaro Gattuso

Joe Jordan and Gennaro Gattuso

Yesterday, Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso headbutted Tottenham coach Joe Jordan after Milan beat the Tottenham Hotspurs in the first leg of the Champions League tournament. According to BBC News, the pair had a heated argument after the match ended, resulting in Gattuso first smacking and then headbutting Jordan. Gattuso has since apologized for the incident, saying “I didn’t want to argue with players and I did it with him, but I was wrong to do what I have done.” The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has yet to make a final ruling on what disciplinary measures will be taken against Gattuso.

@mimilee_: JOE JORDAN was headbutted by Gennaro Gattuso as Spurs tamed the animals of Milan on a night of Euro glory. // The Sun is laughable! LMFAO!

@Luca_Persico: If you watch the footage, Joe Jordan says something to Gattuso and he reacts. Jordan provoked a response, even if it was unacceptable.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

16-year-old Raheem Sterling has been making a huge splash in the football world this week. After scoring five goals for Liverpool in Monday’s FA Youth Cup match, he is being considered to be moved onto the first team for tomorrow’s game against Sparta Prague. If Sterling does end up playing, he will become the youngest first-team player in Liverpool history. With BBC News reporting recent addition Andy Carroll suffering from a minor leg injury, chances are Sterling will be making it onto the field.

@ullage123: Just watched a video of Raheem Sterling scoring 5 goals, seems like LFC wasted £35mil on replacing Torres when they had this kid already!

@davidhale85: Raheem Sterling is in the 1st team squad at 16 years of age, I’m starting to think at 25 I might not ever get my chance! 🙁 #LFC

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