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What’s trending on Twitter in the UK today? Ross Kemp shows off his Exteme World while Carbon Trust loses over £30 million ($48 million) in funding.

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp

BAFTA award-winning actor Ross Kemp appeared on the British daytime talk show Loose Women on Monday (February 14) to talk about his new documentary series, Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

Kemp, who is already known for his documentaries on gang life around the world and soldiers in the Middle East, traveled the world for almost a year to investigate topics ranging from human trafficking to child soldiers. According to The Sun (WARNING: Photo is NSFW), some of the footage is so intense that it cannot be shown on British television. Ross himself has stated that Extreme World “is definitely the toughest series I’ve made. There are moments you have to watch through your fingers.”

love_zsa: yowzer did anyone else see ross kemp on ‘loose women’ today? i never realised how amazing and brave his documentaries were.

Ashlingxoxo: Ross Kemp needs more praise for what he does, 3/4 of the people out there wouldn’t do half the things he does! #loosewomen

toni_pearce: Ross Kemp is the most amazing person I’ve ever seen on Loose Women. It’s shut them up at least.

Skit28: I would love to live with Ross Kemp, I would never be scared!

Carbon Trust

The British government has cut funding to the leading low-carbon agency, Carbon Trust, by 40 percent. The decrease means that many bio-fuel and energy-saving research projects will be cancelled, and 15 percent of Carbon Trust’s employees will lose their jobs. The company, which aims to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions and generally become more environment friendly, relies heavily on public funding and will now have to turn to fundraising in the private sector.

scala: please cut 40% on emissions, not on funding…

jeevanrai: “Greenest govt ever”, eh? » Carbon Trust funding cut by 40%

wwwfoecouk: Carbon Trust budget just cut by 40% Shortsighted – investing in new green tech would help us out of debt

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