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It looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William have arrived at Westminster Abbey a touch early.

In a Valentine’s Day stunt, a UK scooter firm projected an 82-foot image of Kate and William arriving at the church, The Press Association reports. “We wanted to wish the royal couple a happy Valentine’s Day and all the very best for their impending wedding in April,” said spokesperson Sophie Goodale. Check it out, risk taker William appears to be wearing a top hat instead of a helmet.

In other royal news:

– Prince William is reportedly set to receive at least 1,000 cards this Valentine’s Day. According to The Daily Star, the card deluge is intended to raise awareness of a charity called Garrison Girls, which assists soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder.

– The stunning navy blue dress that Kate wore when she and William announced their engagement in November has certainly made design house Issa London a household name. BBC News reports that the London fashion company’s pre-collection sales for its 2011 autumn/winter range were up by 45 percent compared to last year. “We have had a lot more interest,” said designer Daniella Helayel. No comment, of course, on whether she’ll be designing the royal wedding dress.

– Following tradition, Kate will be carrying the “herb of love” in her wedding bouquet. The bride will have a sprig of myrtle, a fragrant plant with star-like flowers, when she walks down the aisle. The sprig will come from a shrub planted by Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wright in 1840, according to The Isle of Wright Gazette. All royal brides have carried cuttings from the shrub since. Incidentally, Kate will have three identical bouquets as precaution and for ease of use. Multiple bouquets became a tradition after Queen Elizabeth‘s flowers went missing during her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947.

– It seems that Kate has been doing some house hunting, The Daily Mail reports. While she liked the size of Princess Diana‘s apartment at Kensington Palace, Kate is particularly fond of the quarters that once belonged to the late Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister), known as Apartment 1A. The palace is currently undergoing a ₤12 million ($19 million) renovation. “Kate loves the fact the palace is close to all her favorite shops but is still private,” a source says.

– A Nottingham beer brewer is planning to release a special brew for the wedding, but they have to determine the recipe first. The beer, “Kiss Me Kate,” made by Castle Rock Brewery, will be sold only at the company’s 21 pubs during April. “The recipe is still in the planning stage, I have to give this one very careful thought because it’s obviously a very special beer,” head brewer Adrian Redgrove told Belfast’s News Letter.

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