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Just days after John Galliano‘s arrest in Paris for allegedly physically and verbally abusing a couple in a Paris bar, British tabloid The Sun has released video of what they claim is a separate altercation. The clip apparently shows someone who looks a lot like the British fashion designer spewing vicious, anti-Semitic invective at an off-screen target.

The Daily Telegraph‘s Hilary Alexander laments Galliano’s fall from grace: “This is not the John Galliano I know and have followed for more than twenty years; whose hyena-like laugh, and smile, and ready wit, and passion for his craft inspired millions; whose creative artistry in his own collections and, then, for Givenchy, and, most recently, Christian Dior, have at times, moved me to tears.

“Now, my tears are of a different nature.”

Comparing Galliano’s implosion to Charlie Sheen‘s recent career suicide, Meredith Finerman writes in The Huffington Post: “[The Galliano] video comes days after Charlie Sheen calling Chuck Lorre ‘Chaim Levine,’ which is not his name but rather an anti-Semitic expression of Sheen’s disdain at the cancellation of his show, Two and a Half Men, due to Sheen’s erratic and reckless behavior.

“These two men are (were) regarded in our society as celebrities and taste makers. Their expression of racism towards the Jewish people will not be tolerated. Furthermore, it’s a frightening reminder that hatred continues, even at the top.”

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.