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Kate Middleton

11 weeks until the royal couple walks down the aisle. Brides Magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge takes on a crucial planning point for Kate Middleton — the hair and makeup.

Like any woman prepping for her walk down the aisle, Kate’s probably been experimenting with her hair and makeup. With less than three months to go, she should nail down her look, which means a trial run with her beauty team.

Insiders are saying that, in order to get her hair away from her face (the people want to see their princess!), she’ll go with an updo. Strict chignons, loose curls, half-up/half-down looks — she’ll probably give them all a whirl.

Her biggest challenge will be working with the diamond tiara she’ll receive from the queen; she needs to aim for a look that says “modern princess,” not “Miss Alabama 1994.” And then there’s the veil: Will she go the Diana route with a cloud of tulle, or take a sleeker approach with a simple length of silk?

Makeup-wise, Kate’s a DIY girl; she even wielded her own lipstick for the engagement photos. On the wedding day, however, even the most self-sufficient bride wants a makeup artist on the job to ensure she feels absolutely confident (besides, last-minute butterflies don’t mix well with eyeliner pencil).

Advice to the queen-to-be: Spend a day figuring out your beauty plan now, so you look pretty as a princess, but still unmistakably Kate.

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By sallykilbridge