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In today’s UK Twitter trends, a leading British press watchdog hands down a landmark decision on Twitter, and embattled British sportscasters Richard Keys and Andy Gray find a new life on the radio.

Sarah Baskerville


Britain’s Press Complaints Commission (PCC) made a landmark ruling today when they declared that “information posted on Twitter should be considered public and publishable by newspapers.” The ruling comes as a response to an alleged breach of privacy by The Daily Mail and The Independent on Sunday, both of which reprinted tweets by Sarah Baskerville, a Department for Transport employee.

Baskerville was reported posting several controversial tweets last November, including admitting to be hungover and drinking at work and critiquing government policies. The PCC has ruled that the newspapers did have the right to reprint Baskerville’s posts, citing the public nature of Twitter as a key point in their decision.

Two of Sarah Baskerville’s controversial tweets via The Independent:

‘Struggling with a red wine induced headache’@ Department for Transport

‘Had to get the pliers out to open the bottle of wine – the top was stuck fast!’ #nationaldisaster

Some tweets on today’s ruling:

@NeilWhitstable: PCC rule Tweets are not private and can be published. Ooh, hello, Mr Bear. Why are you going towards the trees with a toilet roll?

@PJ_SLS_IT : FYI – “Material published on Twitter should be considered public and can be published”, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC – UK) has ruled

@tiffrb: #PCC has ruled that #twitter comments are public and publishable. Careful now!

Andy Gray, Richard Keys

Keys & Gray

Richard Keys and Andy Gray, the two football presenters involved in the Sky Sport’s sexism scandal last month, just signed on as the hosts of a brand new radio show for TalkSport. The pair have been given a three-hour time slot from 10am to 1pm every weekday, with the first show set to air next Monday. Gray stated, “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be joining TalkSport. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Richard and I to do what we do best and that’s talk about sport.”

@SkyNewsBreak: Former Sky Sports presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray are to present a show on TalkSport radio.

@optajoke: 5 – Richard Keys & Andy Gray will pay Sian Massey £5 an hour to make the tea during their new TalkSport show. Equality.

@bensmith_Times: Richard Keys and Andy Gray are to return with … wait for it … TalkSport

@Jemmo1: Andy Gray and Richard Keys move to TalkSport where luckily the microphones are bolted to the end of sticks

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