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As previously reported, a Kate Middleton and Prince William comic book is in the offing. Why not two? The Daily Mail reveals that another comic book recounting their romance, “Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story,” will be published by Britain’s Markosia Enterprises in April. The narrative device for the comic is Kate’s fictional diary. She first admires William from afar, watching him on television during Princess Diana‘s funeral. The Mail has several panels from the comic, which is illustrated by Gary Erskine and Mike Collins, who have previously drawn characters such as Spider-Man and Warheads for Marvel Comics.

In other royal news

Hmmmm. What does the Queen think about this? E Online! reports that British actor Guy Reid has been cast as William’s best friend Ian in a Lifetime movie about his romance with Kate. The character is allegedly based on William pal and nightclub impresario Guy Pelly. Turns out that Reid’s father, Sir Alan Reid, is the Keeper of the Privy Purse, also known as the Queen’s chief accountant. Although Reid auditioned for the part of William, there was little chance he could have played the Prince even if offered the role. “I think my dad would have stepped in and put the brakes on it,” Reid says.

– English actress Jane Seymour really wants to be part of the upcoming royal wedding. Not as a guest. But as a commentator. The 59-year-old Wedding Crashers star tells CNN’s Marquee Blog she’s willing to work at a discount. “Hey, I’m really cheap,” she says. “I’ll be there, [so if] anyone wants an Americanized Brit to throw their six cents in, I’m available.”

– Will Wills and Kate’s upcoming nuptials rekindle Prince Harry‘s romance with Chelsy Davy? We are not so sure, as Harry’s current flame, reportedly Norwegian rocker Camilla Romestrand, has moved back to London from New York says StarzLife. Reports of the liaison between Harry and Romestrand first surfaced in October. StarzLife has a series of photos showing Romestrand on a shopping spree for hats, which is just the kind of outing one takes when there’s a formal occasion coming up.

– Don’t bring alcohol to Newcastle. The City Council is peeved that the national government may issue a blanket order permitting pubs to stay open until 1 am on April 29th and 30th. Some council members fear a “booze-fest,” and want pubs to apply to the council individually for the extended hours, ChronicleLive reports. “Everyone recognizes that there [i]s a problem with alcohol in Newcastle,” says council member Nick Forbes.

– Can’t have Kate? Get a “copy-Kate.” Susan Scott, who runs a celebrity look-a-like model agency in London is making a small fortune dispatching her royal doppelgangers, reports South Africa’s Independent Online. Surprisingly, it is far easier to find doubles of Kate than William. In fact, the agency has 28 “Kates.” Explains one agency executive: “There are lots of pretty girls in the UK and Kate’s quite a traditional look, quite English.” It’s harder to find males with William’s “blend of royal confidence and humility.”

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