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Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins is an American Idol fan? Come again? I guess everyone has their own guilty pleasures, right?

When sitting down with MTV recently, the 73-year-old Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal star revealed that he’s quite fond of the U.S. reality television competition. He blames his wife for getting him into the show and admits that they “TiVo” it regularly. I suppose he’ll be watching when season 10 kicks off tonight (January 19) at 8 pm on Fox?

“‘American Idol’? Oh, yeah, I love all those [talent shows],” Hopkins said. “Somebody says they’re ‘chewing gum for the mind,’ but they’re entertaining.”

Hopkins, who’ll appear on the silver screen in the supernatural thriller The Rite later this month, also had some kind words for longtime judge Randy Jackson. Hey dawg!

“I went to one or two of the shows and met Simon Cowell,” he revealed. “Somebody I really like is Randy Jackson. We became friends, although I don’t see much of him. I think we invited him to the premiere of [‘The Rite’].”

He added: “He’s a terrific guy. I love his soul. ‘Hey, dawg!’ I think he’s terrific. I love his compassion, because he’s so fair with everyone.”

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By MacKenzie Wilson