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On the eve before her big day, Kate Middleton is likely to enjoy some quiet time with her family and friends at the luxurious 5-star Goring Hotel, The Daily Mail reports. Many of Prince William‘s and Kate friends are expected to stay there, as is Wills, who will hopefully be sequestered in another part of the building away from his bride-to-be.

Located behind Buckingham Palace, it seems like the perfectly convenient location for Kate and her family to reside prior to the ceremony’s 11 am start time on April 29th. And the Goring — which celebrated its centennial last year and continues to be run by the original family that established the treasured lodging spot in 1910 — has previously catered to a few other royal family members such as The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II and Sarah, Duchess of York. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also frequent guest during her reign. Additionally, BBC commentator Terry Wogan, actress Vanessa Redgrave, and Conservative politician Michael Heseltine have all stayed at the Goring.

Should Kate indeed stay, The Daily Mail says it would be a nice move by the princess-to-be. Double rooms roughly cost $550 (£345) a night and such a price would align her efforts in keeping away from the “pomp and lavishness” of your typical royal wedding.

Travel experts at Frommer’s praise the Goring Hotel for their “tradition and location,” comfortable amenities, and superb customer service. It was also voted “the best hotel in London” by Travel + Leisure in 2005 and 2006, while also hailed “Top Hotel in Europe” in 2010.

Have you stayed at the Goring Hotel?

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By MacKenzie Wilson