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Charlie Gilmour

While he apologized profusely for his brazen antics during Britain’s student riots last December, Charlie Gilmour isn’t going to get off scot-free just because he’s the son of a famous English rocker.

The BBC reports that the 21-year-old Cambridge University student has been charged with “violent disorder”. Gilmour, whose father is Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour, was one of countless scholars questioned after protesting Parliament’s decision to raise college costs late last year. After descending London’s Cenotaph monument, Gilmour was arrested and eventually released on bail.

The funniest part (well it’s not that funny) is that he’s also being blamed for allegedly “stealing a mannequin leg.” Um, seriously? Well Charlie did, after all, admit to getting swept up in the passion of the situation.

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By MacKenzie Wilson