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Olivia Colman

One of the most striking performances at this year’s Sundance Film Festival has come from British actress Olivia Colman — best known for her comedy roles. Her TV credits include Peep Show and Doctor Who.

In the Sundance film Tyrannosaur, she plays a God-fearing charity gift shop worker subjected to horrific degradation by her abusive husband. Her acting has won praise, particularly her ability to convey a gamut of emotions — anger, humiliation, hurt, and tenderness — all with great authenticity. She’s not the boastful type, but Colman thinks her performance in Tyrannosaur, which is directed by Paddy Considine, is one of her best. Watch a clip of my interview with her.

Peter Mullan co-stars in the film as a deeply disturbed angry man who’s ultimately able to express some tenderness towards Colman’s character. Mullan is one of Colman’s biggest fans. Sundance might be a festival that gives Olivia Colman a big career break. Watch a clip of my interview with Peter Mullan.

Olivia Colman was featured in the Doctor Who episode, The Eleventh Hour

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By Tom Brook