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Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver told me she was gutted that scenes of hers were cut from the new movie Barney’s Version.  In the film Driver portrays a spoiled and abrasive woman from a Jewish Canadian family in Montreal who’s married to the picture’s title character played by Paul Giamatti.

Driver fought in vain against the removal of scenes which she felt made her character more sympathetic. She said: “You can’t help but be sad when good work gets cut, I do understand that the film is very, very long and that stuff was cut from all over the place.”

Outwardly she bears no ill will towards the filmmakers, accepting that having your work end up on the cutting room floor goes with the territory of being an actress.  As she puts it “unless you’re directing the film there’s nothing you can do, you can plea for it and you can plead your case but there’s not a whole lot you can do.”

Driver, who turns 41 at the end of the month, also made it clear that she isn’t worried about getting older in a business where there is such a premium on youth. She doesn’t feel time is running out – or that a clock is ticking.

She says “Clock ticking? Go and say that to Helen Mirren and to Judi Dench and to Maggie Smith and to Geraldine James and these extraordinary gorgeous actresses who carry on and on.”

Driver agrees there are benefits to being a Brit in Hollywood. As she sees it, “It’s great – rightly or wrongly – there is a gravitas that is afforded British actors – often because I think they are brilliantly trained and have often grown up in the theatre and come from not just great drama schools but great training grounds in our theaters.”

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By Tom Brook