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Wowsa! I can only imagine what’s going through Mick Hucknall‘s mind right about now. Relief? Fear? The Simply Red superstar recently revealed to The Guardian that during the band’s mid-eighties heyday, he was shagging up to three women a day. In true Gene Simmons-style, Hucknall admits to bedding around 3,000 women.

“I regret the philandering,” the now 50-year-old Hucknall says. “In fact, can I issue a public apology through the Guardian? They know who they are and I’m truly sorry.”

The Manchester-born Hucknall founded Simply Red — which refers to his signature curly mane — in 1984. The English soul-pop outfit sold more than 50 million albums during their 25 years. Sophisticated jazz-inflected singles like “Holding Back the Years” and “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” peaked at No. 1 in the U.S., while the band’s earned a host of best-selling albums in their native UK, including their multi-platinum fourth LP, 1991’s Stars. Before this year’s end, Hucknall will put Simply Red to rest for good after completing a monumental worldwide tour.

He adds: “A red-headed man is not generally considered to be a sexual icon, but when I had the fame, oh my God, it went crazy. Between 1985 and 1987, I would sleep with about three women a day, every day. I never said no. This was what I wanted from being a pop star. I was living the dream and my only regret is I hurt some really good girls.”

Interviewer Rob Fitzpatrick brings up the absence of Hucknall’s mother, who left when he was just a toddler. He suggests that, maybe, Hucknall’s previous behavior is deeply tied to this loss. Hucknall agrees.

“I wanted the love from every single woman on the planet because I didn’t have my mother’s love,” he says. “It was an addiction that took me to my darker period from 1996 to 2001 when I really came close to the gutter — I was more into drinking than seducing. I had got bored with it all as I never really got the emotional contact that I craved.”

We should mention that while Hucknall has dated a handful of famous females, including British actress Martine McCutcheon, Welsh diva Catherine Zeta-Jones and Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, he married his longtime girlfriend Gabriella Wesberry earlier this spring. She gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter named Romy True, three years ago.

Ok, regardless of your own personal opinions on the matter, Hucknall does seem sincerely sorry for his actions. With that, let us kick off Friday afternoon with some classic Simply Red:

“Holding Back the Years”:

“Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”:

“Something Got Me Started”:

“If You Don’t Know Me By Now”:

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By MacKenzie Wilson