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Deadline reveals that the BBC’s Rentaghost is set for a film remake starring British funnyman Russell Brand.

Warner Bros. has apparently signed on to revamp the treasured British comedy for kids. In the upcoming Beetlejuice-like movie, Brand will portray the late Fred Mumford while exploring his many hilarious adventures in the spirit world. In tow are plenty of friendly ghosts looking to help humans who are alive and well. Should be a positively ghoulish good time!

The original television series was created by and starred Bob Block. It aired on BBC1 from 1976 to 1984.

Who will play Hazel McWitch? Will Dobbin the Pantomime Horse show up? The Guardian has their suggestions as to which actors should join Brand. Their choice for Mumford’s neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins? Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. Haha.

Here’s a look at the first part of Rentaghost‘s debut episode:

In other Brand news, the betrothed comedian chatted with E! Online about lending his voice to the Easter Bunny in the 2011 comedy, Hop. And his mischievous sense of humor was in full force, of course, as he proclaimed that he’ll take over Easter upon the film’s opening next April.

“…I’m going to own Easter,” Brand said boldly. “And you know who the last person to do that was?…Jesus!… I’m the new Jesus! [Laughs] Or I’m the new Abraham! I’m the new Moses! I can do anything. I’m the new Easter Bunny and I s–t Easter eggs!”

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By MacKenzie Wilson