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You know it’s Friday when you come across a crazy headline like the one I saw on The Guardian‘s website this morning: “Keith Richards killed my orchid”.

The Rolling Stones axeman is reportedly being blamed for killing off a prized flower at the New York Public Library. Richards was on hand at the library’s main branch on October 29 to read excerpts from his latest memoir, Life. Once finishing his gig, he toured the historical venue and met with Marie d’Origny, the deputy director of the library’s Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers. And in her office was an orchid, a Phalaenopsis amabilis, to be exact.

When d’Origny stepped out for a moment, Richards headed over to the window to light up a cigarette. From there, the lovely orchid was doomed. “Between the cold and the smoke, the little orchid never stood a chance,” the library stated on their blog.

Well, hey, at least d’Origny got his autograph out of it.

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By MacKenzie Wilson