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James May

Top Gear‘s James May may have a bit of a headache this Christmas. The Sun reports that while filming the show’s holiday special, the 47-year-old “Captain Slow” suffered a “severe concussion” upon bonking his head on a rock.

May, who’s on location in Syria to retrace the Three Wise Men’s epic 1,200-mile trek for the show, was just trying to assist his buddy Jeremy Clarkson with getting his car out of a ditch.

“I stood in the line of where the tow rope went taut,” May said. “I told the driver to move off and became part of a giant catapult.”

He added. “They gave me a brain scan but to be honest I think the Syrians were just excited to be able to use their new scanner.”

Clarkson, the group’s lead tough guy, was nervous for his friend and castmate. Richard Hammond‘s 2006 accident, which left him in a coma after he flipped his dragster going 300mph, still hits a nerve. And naturally, he feared the worst for May.

“There was a lot of blood. It was all very worrying. We were a hundred miles from a building of any sort.”

But May didn’t think there was anything to fuss over, adding: “I don’t want to pretend I had an accident as bad as Hammond. He bashed his head on the whole of Yorkshire, I just hit mine on a stone.”

Feel better, dude!

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By MacKenzie Wilson