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 Man, it seems that Heather Mills will do anything to keep herself in the headlines. The Beatles have barely been on iTunes for a hot minute, however the cackling blonde ex of Sir Paul McCartney has chimed in on the matter.

Showbiz Sky reports that Mills revealed to The Daily Mail that she is ultimately the one responsible for organizing the long-anticipated deal to bring the Beatles to iTunes.

"iTunes? I organized it all with Steve Jobs,” Mills said. "But there's no way I am going back to court for more money. It was all settled at the time and that’s it."

What kind of crazy talk is that? Are you serious, lady? I would like to think that the near $50 million you received in your divorce was more than enough.

In one week of launching their iTunes Beatles store, the band sold more than 2 million individual tracks. With the holiday season already in full gear, it's sure to surpass that — tenfold.

Oh and Mills doesn't stop there. The 42-year-old English celebrity says she's training for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

"I'm also in training for the Olympics. I've been asked to train for the British Paralympic ski team. I went skiing in Austria recently and skied downhill as fast as an able-bodied person."

She added: "If it comes off, I’ll be 46 by then. That’ll probably be some kind of record."

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By MacKenzie Wilson