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The sandy paradise of Goa. (Neil Setchfield/LPI)

A special report from our partners over at BBC Travel.

The sandy paradise of Goa. (Neil Setchfield/LPI)

Where Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton will stage their stag and hen parties has been the subject of much speculation. For William, murmurings of his plans suggest anything from a shooting weekend in Scotland to a night of clubbing in London. For Kate, rumored locations include London and Berkshire.

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Royal stag and hen parties should be affairs of style and adventure, and they create the perfect excuse to round up your mates and get out of town. In that spirit, we have come up with our own recommendations for William and Kate – and anyone else planning a pre-wedding blowout of royal proportions.

Stag options:

1. Goa, India
By day, bask in the soothing Indian sun on one of Goa’s pristine beaches. Get the party started early with kaju fenni, a liquor (read: firewater) made from the fruits of cashew trees that is sure to put hair on your chest. By night, party till the hot sun comes back up at one of the many nightclubs or secret raves for which this former Portuguese colony is known. Find techno music, open-air dance floors and illegal substances galore on Baga beach.

2. Prague, Czech Republic
A popular destination for overseas stag parties, Prague offers an array of male-bonding activities. For Prince William, a gun enthusiast with a pilot’s license, we suggest clay-pigeonshooting with a side of stuntplane flying. Afterward, Prague’s nightlife can be sampled via a limo pub crawl.

3. North Johnstone River, Australia
Whitewater rafting is becoming a common stag weekend activity. In North Queensland, Class V rapids rage along the North Johnstone River which has incredible landscapes of waterfalls and gorges against a backdrop of rainforests. Keep an eye out for wildlife that includes impressive lizards, crocodiles and snakes.

4. Champagne, France
Recreate the stag weekend in the movie Sideways with Old World wines on a Champagne winery tour. Champagne was made for celebration, so why not spend a stylish weekend in the countryside popping bottles?

5. Patras, Greece
March, the month preceding William’s wedding, is exactly the right time to travel to Patras for a stag party. This year, Greece’s Carnival season, or Apokriés, peaks the weekend of March 4. Patras hosts one of the largest Carnivals in the world – much like Mardi Gras, but withouzou.

For the hen options, read more over at BBC Travel…

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By Evan Stein