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As we reported on Friday (December 10), Charlie Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd star David Gilmour, was one of thousands of English students protesting Parliament’s recent decision to raise college fees. The only problem was that the 21-year-old opted to descend London’s Cenotaph monument in Whitehall last Thursday (December 9) and the press caught it all.

Gilmour, who studies history at Cambridge, has apologized profusely for his actions, but it wasn’t enough for police to avoid arresting him. According to The Sun, Gilmour was taken into custody on Sunday (December 12) over “suspicion of violent disorder and attempted criminal damage.” He’s also being questioned over “suspicion of theft”. Looks like swinging from the British flag wasn’t such a great idea, was it, Charlie?

Things could go from bad to worse for the young Gilmour, who has also revealed that he was *this close* to the group of students who attacked Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall‘s car late last week. There’s also some unfavorable photos of the young lad allegedly getting ready for action (as seen in the The Sun article), including one which sees him with some matches and some newspapers outside the Supreme Court. You get the picture.

He was released on bail earlier today.

What do you think about Charlie Gilmour’s behavior?

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By MacKenzie Wilson