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British Prime Minister David Cameron

Since taking office earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron can’t catch a break for professing his love for the UK’s beloved indie rock outfit, The Smiths.

We already know that guitarist Johnny Marr is plenty sick of it and took to Twitter to voice his disdain over Cameron’s adoration for his former band. Morrissey, too, came out swinging against the 44-year Leader of the Conservative Party for his pro-hunting agenda earlier this week.

It seems that some of Cameron’s fellow colleagues are paying attention to this little squabble as well. According to NME, Cameron was mocked for liking the Smiths during a House of Commons session on Wednesday (December 8).

The Labour Party’s Kerry McCarthy cleverly remarked on Marr’s imposed “ban” on Cameron in her argument regarding student tuition hikes, with many of her fellow politicians laughing along with her.

“As someone who claims to be an avid fan of The Smiths, the Prime Minister will no doubt be rather upset this week to hear that both Morrissey and Johnny Marr have banned him from liking them,” she said. “The Smiths are, of course, the archetypal student band. If he wins tomorrow night’s (December 9) vote, what songs does he think students will be listening to? ‘Miserable Lie’, ‘I Don’t Owe You Anything’ or ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’?”

Cameron kept his cool and his hip factor in check to playfully respond with a few Smiths song titles of his own. “I expect that if I turned up I probably wouldn’t get ‘This Charming Man’ and if I went with the Foreign Secretary [William Hague] it would probably be ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’.” Har har.

What about “What Difference Does It Make?” Too harsh? Oh wait, how about “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”? Yeah.

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By MacKenzie Wilson