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POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: Whovians anxiously await the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, while equally giddy for the sci-fi series' return for season six early next year. Well relax, dear fans, chief scribe Steven Moffat has a few hints in his back pocket regarding next season should you dare to read on.

In an interview with New York magazine Moffat says he'll finally introduce the true identity of River Song, played by English actress Alex Kingston, in 2011. "Well, you will find out who she is and what's going on and how it all makes sense," Moffat revealed. "And that will explain a number of things. I'm writing the episode right now where The Doctor finds out who she is. We're not just going to endlessly tease."

Moffat also elaborated on the sizzling sexual tension that's been building between The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and that such a twist is exactly what the TARDIS needs.

"I just thought it would be, you know, Bad Girl in the Tardis," he explained. "They've always been so well behaved, those girls! I just thought, I haven't met any girls like that. Most of the girls I know would just jump the Doctor as soon as they look at him. I said, It's time we have one of those.

Keeping certain characters alive can sometimes be a feat when maintaining a story's momentum, but Moffat says such a decision won't come into play for season 6.

"In the old series, they did off a couple of them," Moffat further explained. "I'm not saying we'll never do it, but it's not that kind of a show. It's not gritty. It's kind of a lovely, life-affirming, optimistic show without a cynical bone in its body."

"It's almost odd when you see it in competition with things like Battlestar Galactica, and you think, 'Well that's not us at all.' We're the story of a wonderful man from space who can travel in a telephone box! But I'm not guaranteeing I won't kill someone in the future!"

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson