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 It seems as if Stephen Fry only needed a quick breather. Late last week, the British personality was harshly criticized for his controversial remarks on female sexuality in an interview with Attitude magazine. He claims he was severely misquoted and channeled such disappointment via his Twitter account. Shortly thereafter, speculation followed that Fry may have officially left Twitter behind, much to the dismay of his 1.9 million followers.

The 53-year-old comedian and author resurfaced on Twitter Thursday afternoon, seemingly ready to put all this nonsense behind him, while telling the truth as he sees it.

"Hello there! Thought it was time I had a little blog. To set the record straight. Or straightish," he tweeted.

In a blog post entitled "Silliness," Fry revealed that he steered clear of any press pertaining to his recent comments. He maintained that he's "assiduously avoided" the papers for 12 years strong. He also offered some lessons learned during his debacle.

1. Never ever read any tweets or direct messages sent to you the moment you get wind of a media s*** storm brewing.
2. No more print interviews, Stephen. No matter how small and worthy the publication you can't be trusted not to say something that will make you look a tit when reproduced elsewhere.
3. Pretend you're a politician and only say things after weighing all the consequences and potential offence caused.

Sound about right, doesn't it? Oh Stephen, we’re glad you’re back. We've missed ya!

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By MacKenzie Wilson