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(L-R) John Lydon, Jay Kay

Jamiroquai's Jay Kay has been in a feisty mood lately, hitting out at X Factor judges Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue, and Lady Gaga. But during a recent flight to Australia, someone else ripped the headdress-loving rabble-rouser a new one.

According to The Sun, Kay had the luxury of sitting next to punk legend John Lydon, but instead of striking up a friendly conversation about football or Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal engagement, Kay almost duked it out over Lydon's supposed flatulence issue.

"He is a f****** nuisance. I was seated next to him on a flight and the whole trip he just kept farting," Kay said. "It was totally foul."

"He kept saying, 'Oh, that wasn't me' or, 'The meal smells a bit off, don't you think?' He drove me insane," Kay added.

Everything about this situation is laughable, isn't it? Can you just picture Lydon's scowling face amid his slightly humorous remarks?

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson