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 With her much publicized rift with Dannii Minogue still making headlines, Sharon Osbourne may return to the reality talent show ring for next season's Britain's Got Talent. The Daily Mail reports that the former The X Factor and America's Got Talent judge will sign on for a departing Piers Morgan, who's gearing up to replace a retiring Larry King.

The 58-year-old Osbourne, who also co-hosts the daytime talk show The Talk on CBS, left The X Factor in 2008 due to money issues and her well-documented dislike for Minogue. But the mud slinging goes both ways, as Minogue has admitted that a bullying Osbourne made her cry just moments before she made her X Factor debut in 2007. Girls Aloud superstar Cheryl Cole later stepped in to fill Osbourne's spot.

Osbourne's outspoken ways remain in full-force this week, for she's lambasted Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly and her recent blog post pertaining to the CBS sitcom, Mike & Molly. Kelly, who has since apologized, previously wrote that the kissing scenes between the "downright obese" couple are kind of "gross," which led a disapproving Osbourne to call her "deplorable," a "disgrace to women" and "a b****."

The New York Post says that Osbourne's disparage doesn't stop at the vulgar name-calling. "This is no better than Nazi Germany saying we should all have blonde hair and blue eyes!" she boldly added.

Wowsa! It seems that Osbourne may have forgotten about the awful things she said about Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle a few years back. Maybe? C'mon Sharon, you don't remember saying "Susan Boyle looks like a smacked ass!" and "God hit Susan Boyle with an ugly stick!" on the Opie & Anthony show? Deplorable!

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson