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 Last month, the world honored the late John Lennon in what would have been his 70th birthday. The UK Royal Mint is also memorializing the ex-Beatle with his own coin.

The BBC reports that Lennon is now the face of a commemorative and limited edition £5 coin, which was decided by public votes for the next "Great Briton."

Lennon, who bested English novelist Jane Austen, British suffragette activist Emmeline Pankhurst, and Scottish engineer/inventor John Logie Baird, now stands alongside William Shakespeare, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale in the coin series. The Lennon five piece is priced at £44.99 ($72.28). A one-off 24-karat gold version will be presented to the John Lennon Estate.

Thousands of fans across Facebook and Twitter promoted the campaign to get the Liverpool-born guitarist and singer on the new Royal Mint coin and a whopping 27,874 people voted to make sure that it happened.

"It's entirely fitting that John Lennon has been chosen by the public in what would have been his 70th year,” said Dave Knight, the director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint. "The massive proportion of the vote he received shows clearly just how much his untimely death still resonates with the nation. He ranks alongside, and even ahead of, some of the greatest names in history and the Royal Mint is proud to commemorate a genuine British legend."

What do you think about the new John Lennon coin?

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson