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 Simon Cowell might be the more recognizable music magnate, but his X Factor cohort Louis Walsh has also carved out highly impressive career as one of the UK's most successful music managers. Boyzone, Westlife and Girls Aloud are just a few of the names Walsh has helped achieve superstardom during the last two decades.

According to This Is Money, the 58-year-old Irishman is also raking in the dough like his colleagues, earning an estimated $1.1 million (£700,000) per season on The X Factor. His overall fortune is said to total more than $23 million (£14.45 million). Not too shabby, Mr. Walsh.

In other X Factor news, Aidan Grimshaw has hit back at Walsh for criticizing Cher Lloyd's diva-like behavior. The quiff-friendly former contestant says Walsh is the one who's really "miserable". On the flipside, Katie Waissel can't take the public scrutiny anymore. The raspy-voiced blonde is positively disillusioned over being booed during Sunday night's episode and can't understand why she's so hated by everyone. Oh the drama!

In other news:

– Now that Prince William has finally proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, fascination with the Royal Family is in full effect, especially in America. But what is it about those Brits that totally strikes our fancy? "In some ways it's part of a desire to build back in your own history of where you come from," said Tracey Anne Cooper, a history professor at St. John's University. "American history doesn't start in 1492 or 1776. It has this longer back history, which was European." Well, that's certainly part of it, I think. (CNN)

– Hey, just because Amy Winehouse has embraced her inner fashion diva for Fred Perry doesn't mean she's forgotten about her original day job. The 27-year-old controversial singer is hitting the road for a handful of January dates in Brazil. These performances will mark Winehouse's first set of live shows in nearly two years. (BBC)

Chris Evans is set to return to Britain's Channel 4 for the first time in nearly a decade. The former Big Breakfast personality and longtime BBC Radio 2 figure will host an extreme sports show entitled Famous and Fearless. And yes, plenty of celebs will compete in daredevil stunts like BMX biking, monster trucks, and the luge. (The Guardian)

Tom Felton sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Wednesday (November 17) to discuss what kind of trouble his character, Draco Malfoy, will be getting into in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But the 23-year-old English actor also revealed his love for Alan Rickman a.k.a. the adult Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. Felton calls the British acting legend his "hero" and his "idol". Check it out:

Nick Hornby has been keeping a close eye on his writing brethren Dave Eggers and his accomplishments made with his non-profit creative writing project, 826 Valencia. Now, the best-selling British novelist and essayist is looking to spread similar impact across Britain with his own Ministry of Stories. Fellow UK writers such as Zadie Smith and Roddy Doyle have signed on to help. (The Guardian)

– Last but not least, the U.S. version of Top Gear will premiere November 21 on the History Channel. We spotted this outside the Anglophenia offices this afternoon. Get your engines ready, my friends.

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By MacKenzie Wilson