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 The New Year, so far, is shaping up to be a solid one with new releases from British Sea Power, Gang of Four and more. We can now add Polly Jean Harvey to the mix, for the British singer/songwriter is set to issue Let England Shake on Valentine's Day.

According to NME, Harvey's new batch of solo material marks her follow up to 2007's austere White Chalk. Let England Shake was recorded in a 19th century church in Dorset, England with Harvey's longtime collaborator John Parish. The pair also teamed up with producer Flood, French drummer Jean-Marc Butty and ex-Bad Seeds principal Mick Harvey.

"We played most of the music live," Harvey explained to NME. "I didn’t set down any rules. For some reason, we were all in a very good place, with a lot of energy, intensity and vitality in us at that time. It was a really enjoyable experience, and I think the record’s ended up full of energy and quite an uplifting experience because of it."

Anglophenia would like to celebrate today's news with our Top 5 favorite PJ Harvey tunes, although narrowing down the list was quite tough. What are some of your favorite Harvey songs?



"C'mon Billy":

"The Sky Lit Up":

"Big Exit":

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson