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 Girls Aloud megastar Nadine Cole is just one week away from launching her debut solo effort, Insatiable, but the Irish singing lass has designs on another creative outlet: cooking.

The Daily Mail reports that Coyle donned her best housewife attire for a fabulous cooking-inspired photo shoot for this week's issue of Heat magazine. The 25-year-old singer reveals in an interview that following Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver's footsteps would be a wish come true. This comes in the midst of much tabloid fodder pointing out Coyle's too-thin frame.

"I do look at pictures of myself sometimes and think, 'Oh my God, I look really skinny,'" Coyle said. "But I do eat, I love Lucky Charms cereal and potatoes, and I'd love, love, love to do a cookery show."

Go for it, Nadine! I'm sure fans around the globe would love to hear about your culinary favorites. I think you'd be a nice mix to the usual pack of cooking yobs out there.

In recent months, Coyle shared with the press that she particularly enjoys her mother's famous fry-up when she's able to get back to her native Derry, Ireland and other snacks like chocolate is a definite must-have.

Coyle also goes on to admit that she hasn't talked with any of her Girls Aloud bandmates in more than a year and being tagged the main culprit for the band's supposed breakdown in communication has left her baffled.

"Nobody has spoken to me about a reunion," she explained. "Cheryl is doing her music, so it would be near enough impossible for her to do a solo and a Girls Aloud one. But how it's my fault is beyond me."

Would you like to see Nadine Coyle do her own cooking show?

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By MacKenzie Wilson